A short interview with me.

Today I was interviewed by my friend Ryan Cook. He filmed our conversation for his blog.

In our chat we talk depression, anxiety and faith. I say too much, too quickly. As someone who often talks faster than she thinks this was slightly dangerous… Thought I would share it with you too. Love to know your thoughts (I think – I feel a bit out of my comfort zone doing this!). Here it is:

(unfortunately the cover shot is not the most flattering!)

  • Belinda
    Posted at 22:53h, 24 March Reply

    First I want to thank you for participating in the YouTube that Ryan just posted. I found what you had to say extremely helpful and thought provoking. I’m a friend of Ryan’s from Canada, I saw his question regarding “Depression and the Church” a few days ago and thought to myself “how appropriate” as I find myself on a bit of a journey to mental health…. long story.

    Anyway, I felt a connection to what you were sharing on YouTube and went in search of your blog. I am now subscribed.
    I cannot describe how encouraging it is to hear a person share about the stigma behind issues like depression, anxiety and the Church. I too am an overshare – er and a speed talker – especially when I’m nervous. Yikes! ha!!

    Thank you for being patient with this tremendous ramble!

    • ElliJohnson
      Posted at 13:48h, 28 March Reply

      Thanks Belinda, sorry I have just seen this – Been a bit off-line the past few days. Glad you enjoyed the youtube and found some of the ideas helpful (hope-filled!). Much love x

  • Kelly
    Posted at 16:59h, 04 September Reply

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