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I read a blog post this morning, and had to share it with you straight away.

A few of you have been kind enough to email or message me to say how much you identify with what I have written. Therefore I figure you, like me, will appreciate this blog post (link below). I read it this morning. It is truth.

I have ‘red-flagged’ a couple of friends this week. By this I mean, I have taken their temperature – the level of stress and busyness in their lives and have given them a red-flag: a warning flag in my mind. (Like you find next to an email of high importance).

We have to look out for each other and shouldn’t be scared to say, in love and with grace, when we think they are in a dangerous spot.

People have, and still do, do it for me. (Jan, Tim, and Laura especially – thank you!)

Here is the post


“That’s what I’m telling you: you can change your life,

and you can find lightness and soul again.

I know it because I’m finding it.”

I’m with her all the way. Enjoy


Dont forget – it’s Thursday – we can quit anything we want on a Thursday.

Pick something, then quit doing it.

Thursday Quit Day

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