The Linden Tree


I came into your room today,

to work here while you are at school.

I found the perfect place to sit,

back between the handles of your chest of drawers.

The sun lights up squares of carpet and I can

see the Linden tree coming into bud through the window. 

I want to be near to your exploratory, feeling-everything-energy. 

In a week I feel dull, drab and weary I want the newness 

and very present complications you feel

to imprint on me and my work.


By Elli Johnson


A poem written while sitting in my (then) 16 year old daughter’s bedroom on the floor looking at the changing light. My eldest is a whirlwind of ideas and emotions, thoughts and plans. It is exciting to be near her when she is in full present-tense/future-longing mode. I want to remember these moments.

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