When things get under my skin.


Yesterday, I took a deep breath and told Laura all the things that were on my mind.

It took a while.

I listed the disappointments and the complicated relationships. I told her how everything was changing and I didn’t know how to respond to this shifting landscape. I told her of anger that had started to fester in the pit of my stomach. New and surprising feelings for this habitual peace-maker.

Words falling over words, long-hidden emotions tumbling out. It wasn’t pretty and I knew it.

I recited stories and half facts about tiny incidents that had happened over this past year and how they had got under my skin like a splinter.

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  • Ros
    Posted at 19:44h, 19 November Reply

    A thought provoking blog (as always) but I wonder – why are we troubled by being angry? Is it always the small hidden thorn we need someone to help us take out? Isn’t it sometimes a justified response to injustice and wrong and something that spurs us on to do things? I always think about Shelley’s Masque of Anarchy but could come up with countless and glorious works of art created from that little (and not so little) pit of anger…xx

    • thehippochronicles
      Posted at 19:58h, 19 November Reply

      I don’t know why we are so troubled by being angry. It is a good point. Maybe not everyone is. I wish it didn’t bother me so much. I’m generally not a very angry person, so it took me a while to even identify the emotion. And then, maybe because i am not a very angry person, I needed someone else to talk to about it, for it to be acknowledged. Not to dismiss it, or pretend everything was now okay. And somehow in the talking about it – it stopped hurting me so much. Also, this was relational conflict… when it comes to being angry about injustice, that’s a whole other thing – I can own that and hold on to it without a problem! x

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